Gifted Education Extension


Part 80 Requirements for Teachers’ Certificates and Teaching Practice 
Subpart 80-4 Requirements for Extensions and Annotations of Certificates 
Applies for On or After February 2, 2004

Section 80-4.3 (d)

d. Requirements for the extension for gifted education.

  1. This extension shall authorize the candidate to provide education for gifted pupils, as such term is defined in section 4452 of the Education Law, within a gifted and talented program which is funded pursuant to the Education Law and in accordance with Part 142 of this Title.
  2. The candidate shall meet the requirements iii each of the following subparagraphs:
    1.                                  i.            The candidate shall hold a valid provisional, permanent, initial, or professional certificate in the classroom teaching service.
    2.                                 ii.            The candidate shall complete a program registered pursuant to section 52.2 l(b)(4)(v) of this Title, or its equivalent [transcript evaluation].
    3.                               iii.            The candidate shall complete the New York State Teacher Certification Examination content specialty test in gifted education.

Approved Programs 
To date, the following higher education institutions have been approved to offer programs leading to the Extension for Gifted Education:

To get details on these programs and to view new programs as they are approved, use the Inventory of Registered Gifted Teacher Registration Programs.



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