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Swindler Sam and the Power Boxes:
Gifted Kids Find the Power Within

Authored by Andrea Ericson Yawman

Swindler Sam slithers into town and tries to sell exotic boxes by misleading children into thinking that the boxes contain special powers. The students discover that they already possess the power they need to effect change and find joy in their lives. A fun quiz, advice, and resources follow the story.

This book was written to empower gifted children (and all children) to advocate for their needs. Sometimes gifted children need teachers to recognize that they have unique talents and interests that should be addressed and utilized in school. Some gifted students feel isolated and need to work with like-minded peers. Some gifted students suffer from perfectionism and need help recognizing that hard work and effort are even more important than perfect results. Some gifted students have a sense of humor that is not always appreciated in school settings because it is viewed as disruptive.

Gifted students, and all students, face struggles and have individual needs. With a positive, problem-solving mindset, challenges can be overcome, and children can learn to advocate for themselves.

Recommended for children in grades 2 – 5, teachers and parents.
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the Latin language – Latin vocabulary – word roots – ancient Roman culture – Greek & Roman mythology – techniques for incorporating these topics into your classroom

February 21, 2014 / 9:30 am – 4:30 pm / New York City

Ascanius: The Youth Classics Institute
Hunter College Department of Classical & Oriental Studies
Hunter College Master of Arts in Teaching Latin Program

made possible by: Classical Association of the Atlantic States

Let’s Learn Latin will introduce elementary and middle school teachers to the world of Latin and the ancient Romans through a series of engaging, standards-connected lessons. Teachers get to play the role of students, learning the material through the same activities and lessons that they will be able to use in their own classrooms. Participants will enjoy learning the basics of Latin, by working through 50% or more of a colorful, interesting, kid-friendly text called Minimus, richly supplemented by effective and innovative activities to practice the material. Other topics include Latin vocabulary, word roots, and Roman culture and mythology – all of which integrate seamlessly with Minimus. No previous experience with Latin is needed!

Participants will receive myriad classroom-ready materials on all topics studied. All participants will receive documentation of their 6.5 contact hours.

Register: by mail or online. Deadline: 2/12/14. Limited to 15 participants. Cost: $35! Registration, workshop materials and resources, and light breakfast with coffee are provided. Participants should bring their own lunch (there is not enough time to leave campus).

Visit our website to get additional workshop details, to purchase publications, or to find out about and schedule other professional development opportunities or student programs:

Ascanius: The Youth Classics Institute is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Are you looking for an awesome problem-solving competition? One that saves you time in grading and inputting scores? Gives your students instant feedback, online recognition, and cool awards?
Introducing Perennial Math Competition

Gifted Matters
We often talk about the unrealized potential of our most gifted learners. The causes for this loss of potential may include social or emotional issues, inappropriate curriculum, or learning deficits.

Dr. Susan Paynter, a child advocate, award-winning educator, and nationally recognized expert in gifted learners, helps schools and families create customized strategies designed to help gifted children feel challenged, successful, and fulfilled. She works one-on-one and collaboratively to design programs that adapt teaching methods to the learning styles of these unique students, rather than trying to adapt the students to the teaching methods. This approach enables gifted kids to joyfully share their unusual gifts and passions with the world.
Check out her website here

Video: All Learners Are Different
Take a few moments to view this eye-opening reflection on how we view children and how we teach children in our current education system: All Learners Are Different

Historical NASA Space Artifacts
Available for Educational Use
NASA is inviting eligible educational institutions, museums, and other organizations to screen and request historical space artifacts. The artifacts represent significant human spaceflight technologies and processes and the accomplishments of NASA’s many programs. NASA and the General Services Administration worked together to ensure broad access to space artifacts and to provide a Web-based electronic artifacts viewing capability. The Web-based artifacts module is located at NASA Space Artifacts

Eligible participants may view the artifacts and request specific items at the website through March 4, 2013. Only schools and museums are eligible to receive artifacts. They must register online using an assigned Department of Education number, or through the state agency for surplus property in their state. The artifacts are free of charge. Eligible organizations must cover shipping costs and any special handling fees. Special items, such as space shuttle thermal protective tiles and packages of three packets of astronaut food, also are offered on a first-come, first-served basis. Instructions for requesting artifacts and special items are linked on the website home page.

Questions about this opportunity should be directed to:

Make Seed Paper
There’s a fun new activity on NASA’s Climate Kids website. Instead of just emptying the paper-shredder receptacle into the recycle bin, recycle it yourself! Make your own recycled paper greeting cards—and then plant them! This “seed paper’ activity is easy and fun, and produces a greeting anyone would find endearing for Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day. Visit Seed Paper for all of the fun information.

Moody’s Mega Math Challenge

Click here for details: Moody's Mega Math Challenge

The Hunter College Center for Gifted Education

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

The Hunter College Center for Gifted Education (HCCGE) fosters the talent development process of gifted students and those who work and advocate on their behalf. Through graduate courses, supplemental programming, research, professional development, and creating systems of collaboration, HCCGE encourages and supports gifted learners.
Join us in our efforts to provide quality programs and information about gifted learners and best practices in developing their talents. We are committed to providing excellence in services and academic scholarship.


Elissa F. Brown, Ph.D.

For more information, please visit:

Everything Parents Need to Know About
Getting Into Selective Colleges

Listen from home — all you need is a telephone.

Speaker: Susan Goodkin is a graduate of Harvard University, Harvard Law School, and Oxford University, where she was a Rhodes Scholar. Susan writes and speaks nationally on education issues including college admissions. Her articles have appeared in newspapers including The Washington Post, The Miami Herald, The Philadelphia Enquirer, The Sacramento Bee and The Houston Chronicle.

For more information, or to register, go to:


Susan Goodkin
Executive Director
California Learning Strategies Center

The Space Place Newsletter
The latest issue of the Space Place Newsletter: News and Notes for Formal and Informal Educators has just been published. The newsletter is all about the many useful and–it goes without saying–free resources on the Space Place website that can be helpful for kids and grown-ups interested learning about science, technology, and space. Click on this link to learn more:SP Newsletter – 2012 November – December

Avery Enterprises – Quiz Bowl

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With the latest version of, teachers and students can use this wonderful platform to create role-play experiences in the classroom.

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Hi, I’m 8-Bit BYTE

Meet me and my pals at to discover your Power Smarts!

BYTES Power Smarts are FREE stories for elementary age children to help them recognize and appreciate their strengths and talents. Power Smarts are the multiple intelligences identified by Harvard research psychologist Howard Gardner. Younger children will delight in having the stories read to them, and parents and grandparents will enjoy the stories too. Each story comes with optional discussion questions to spark lively conversations with friends and family to develop face-to-face conversational skills

Citizen Ambassadors

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